Archived for the hobby: UPDATED May 23, 2016

Image from Games Workshop

Welcome to From the Warp... it's being reworked a bit.
The site is being set up as an archive of articles for the hobby. I do not plan on taking it down as this is my way of sharing what I have learned when it comes to modeling and painting.

The site has been "dormant" for quite some time now while I've moved on with life. I know I don't have the time to resurrect it, but I feel like I ought to come back and clean things up a a little bit. Maybe make the place a little easier to navigate since the previous system was designed to allow me to constantly update and add new content.

I won't be making any sweeping changes, just organizing things a little better and hopefully making things easier to find and use. I figure it will take me a few months working off and on to get it all sorted out.

Feel free to take a look around. There are lots of articles on modeling and painting. From the very basics to some really complex stuff as well.

From a housekeeping standpoint, the ability to comment has been turned off (the existing ones remaining as they can be helpful discussions in addition to the post itself sometimes!) so if you find something and you've got a question about a technique or effect, you'll need to drop me an email and I'll do my best to explain it better.